my own space


Its been a nice day and a nice weekend actually, despite working ‘late’ Friday and being in the office on Saturday too. I chatted with a certain someone online for a long while yesterday and that made me happy. Today the family very kindly came over with cakes and tools and now I have full kitchen cupboards and beautifully hung blinds. The people riding the bus can no longer see me lying in bed which changes the atmosphere in the flat somewhat… thank-you for this.

Busy week ahead for a presentation Wednesday in Europe, I’m not going, just getting the work done… Later this week I am changing projects apparently, from hotels, back into retail and for a very familiar client I am told… Looking forward to finding out more about all that. The work is good and the people great, big offices mean a lot of communication, more than actual drawing it seems at times. I have to remember, I am the new-boy and should keep my mouth shut for the time being… : )

Have been reading about Glenn Murcutt’s architecture this evening, I saw his exhibition before I left Tokyo and I shipped the book back to the UK, it finally arrived with my family today and I have started flicking the pages. He really writes in a down-to-earth natural way that really makes me ‘believe’ in architectural design again. It doesn’t have to be about the magazines, or fame and recognition for your work; its more about sitting with friends drinking wine in spaces designed to capture the cool summer breeze or to trap the winter sunlight. Design can be about making your space in the world, lightly slotting your own personal place neatly into the earth. I hope to one day find my ‘place’, but for now, here suits me just fine…


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