Sigur Ros @ Alexandra Palace

Now Friday night was different…. This has been quite a week for live music, I saw a friend’s gig on Sunday night to start off the week so by the time I stood in place for Sigur Ros on Friday night, I was aching and sore still from that and then 2 gigs in 2 nights after Ryan yesterday. I knew this would be a different experience to Ryan and had a good idea that I was to be blown away with creativity in not only music but film, lighting and stage trickery. I wasn’t disappointed.

If you don’t know this Icelandic band you will probably know their music from one of the BBC advert, link things with the hot air balloons… They are amazingly experimental with sound and lyrics, electric guitars played with violin bows and words sung in both Icelandic and ‘Hopelandic’, a made up language expression of emotion from the lead singer.

Here are some photos from the concert, showing amazing backlighting, beautiful huge balloon installations, amazing lighting and video effect, projections onto a screen of RAIN in front of the band and confetti blasted through the band from the back of the stage into the crowd of 8,000! I was truly impressed, exactly as I knew I would be. Most interesting and uplifting gig I have ever been to.







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