Art / Design, England

blue skys and walking

it would be too long to explain all the many things we have done this weekend but very briefly… Friday night was nice catching up with an old friend over Mojitos in Charlotte Street, too many in fact but that didn’t stop us getting up early on Saturday. A walk from London Bridge, through the Southbank and over to St Paul’s and the Barbican where we saw an beautiful modern production of the old Japanese story Shun-kin; the story of a young girl and her servant lover – more about this in a separate post… All this excitement exhausted us and an early night meant we got up even earlier this morning to walk through Columbia Road Flower Market, around Spittlefields and Brick Lane until early afternoon. Settled home to watch The Dark Knight on big screen and to learn that Heath Ledger’s performance wasn’t even a little bit overrated, he was so brilliantly scary. And now, I think an evening of beating Ash on Mario-kart awaits. I imagine that the Monday morning blues will be strong this week but hey, another weekend will be along soon right…?







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