Art / Design, England

time between jobs

amazingly the weather has been perfect for taking a holiday. I am between jobs, the new one starts just as soon as the desks have been made, and the macs and phones have been set up, really can’t wait as I think this will be a lot more exciting than the things I have been doing recently and much more ‘me’. this last week has been great, just working on one or two little things at home and meeting people to try to set up exciting events in the future. some things have gone well this week and others have been quite disappointing but my good mood cannot be broken; its sunny and I am free. : )

now, people who collect things are often regarded as boring, but I am not ashamed to admit, the last few years I have been collecting postcards. Some I have bought, some have been sent to me but most were free. I must have hundreds now and I often use these books as inspiration for graphic style, there could be nothing better. If you want to send me a postcard sometime, drop me and email and I will give you my address. I am sue I can send you a postcard in return… : )



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