who shot JR…..?

On my free morning in Dallas I jumped in a car and Faruk (my cheerful Ethiopian driver) took me Downtown. There isn’t a lot to see in Dallas it has to be said, certainly not people – there is almost no-one on the city streets. The only people you meet are the homeless and the crazies; trying to charge you for pointing out the book depository’s open 6th floor window, the grassy knoll and the spot on the road where JFK was hit. Yes, I too have now seen all the sights of Dallas…

In fact there is a sombre yet totally fascinating museum with audio guide that walks you through the history of that day in 1963 and as you get immersed in the story walking through the building, you suddenly realise you are at the window where JFK was shot and its actually quite shocking to see the x marked on the street below. You see the evidence, the FBI model of the scene and you read about the events up on that grassy knoll, its all really really well done.




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