It was a normal Sunday morning, lazing about with newspapers and breakfast, planning our day until, what sounded like, the house next door fell down!

Running round to the front room, we realised that hadn’t happened but one of our local Sainsbury’s staff had driven his car off the road and into our neighbour’s front garden, completely destroying the wall and bus-stop. Unbelievably no-one was hurt (that’s why I can post this picture, taken after everything had calmed down) but there are usually people waiting for the bus and sat on that very wall. We aren’t sure what on earth happened for him to get to that position but from all the excited pointing and shouting shortly after the crash, I suspect someone else may have been involved but disappeared.

Well, thank god no-one was harmed, I keep looking at the bricks scattered across the garden in amazement, We even had glass in our garden…!



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