Art / Design, England


Hello, we are good, it’s Sunday morning and having just finished round one with the newspapers, Atsuko has gone to the gym leaving me to dither around with my photos from yesterday. We had a list of things to see yesterday morning and went into town fairly early on the bus. The first thing we wanted to see was this Banksy ‘exhibition’, it was closing yesterday so we were just in time. The Banksy story is a weird one, and everyone knows his name now, has the book etc… his popularity has meant he has almost become the very thing he was originally speaking out against with his works. The fact that he remains anonymous just about maintains his credibility for me, and regardless of the history, his works always make me smile and I will take every opportunity to see one.

Yesterday we saw a collection of them, all framed up as ‘real’ artworks, display in a warehouse in Covent Garden, a real treat of humourous contradiction.








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