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riceboy sleeps in maison bertaux

After a visit to quite a few clothes and shoe shops (research…), we dropped into an elegant, old cafe on Greek Street called Maison Bertaux, I love this description of the place from,

"130 year old patisserie cum cafe with a rickety upstairs room that looks like an old dairy annex…unpretentious and authentic little patisserie sited between a strip club and an old pub. A simple interior and rudimentary Lincrusta-lined decor lends it a traditional French charm and paysan appeal. The window is impeccably adorned with glorious freshly made gateaux, flans, patisseries and delicate confiseries. It has the appearance of a totally authentic French patisserie and there is certainly nothing false about the freshly made cream cakes or the rather eccentric and incredibly camp staff…".

We went particularly to see a set of drawings and painting done by the lead singer of Sigur Ros and his boyfriend. Jonsi and Alex released their debut album together, separate from Sigur Ros, just last week and this exhibition went hand in hand with the launch of The Riceboy Sleeps. Sadly we missed the opening party but just to go and see the paintings was an extreme pleasure.






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