Art / Design, England

walking in my mind

It was a good day yesterday, after a very busy week at work, going in early and leaving late (it was a frustrating week in some ways as I continue to learn the strange ways of a new office), we got up early to head down to Waterloo to see Walking In My Mind, a new exhibition at the Southbank Gallery.

It was OK, we saw a few nice works, I loved an installation by Charles Avery and this one below by Kusama Yayoi. Yayoi-san is an 80 year old artist obsessed (as you can tell) by spots. The first picture is not mine, its from The Guardian review of the show HERE. The second picture I took right before the uptight museum staff shouted at Atsuko for sitting on the “art” and me for taking pictures. I deeply hate galleries that don’t allow photography and stop people engaging with what is clearly supposed to be a little interactive and playful. In spite of the ‘fun-police’, we did enjoy ourselves…

After that we stumbled on the archaeological remains of The Rose Theatre on the way to meet friends in Borough Market for Chorizo Sandwiches and Strawberry Beer at The Market Porter. Shortly after, we were on the train home for an afternoon nap. Another great Saturday.





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