Art / Design, England

DesignWeek London

DesignWeek came and went, and I was almost too busy to completely enjoy it, we certainly canceled a few events through work… But the weekend came and we did find time on the Saturday to get the west of town to 100percent Design and DesignersBlock and to the east, to Tent London…

100percent is always slightly disappointing but this year it was smaller than normal, it also swallowed up DesignersBlock which seemed equally over-commercial this year and has definitely lost the ‘edge’ it had before I went to Tokyo. There were a few interesting things sprinkled through the show though and some helpful material resources where I got some valuable inspiration for a project I am working on right now. Standing-out far and away as the best thing we saw, was the product designer Il-Gu Cha whose R1 Radio was simplicity itself; very cute… Il-Gu Cha

Over at Brick Lane, Tent London was much better, also a bit smaller than I expected but parts of it were great, Tent Digital in particular had some amazing works on show. Atsuko played at length with a bright, LED-powered wall that seemed to responded with colours to the people around it. There was an interactive screen called Gold Dust that was pretty cool. We also spent a long time watching the movie by Tokyo WOW… Check out the site below, it might be a little slow but persevere – it’ll be worth it, these guys are really really good… WOW







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