Cockpit Studios

Amazing place Cockpit Art Studios… A building converted into small workshop units now filled with crafts-people, many many jewelery makers and fashion designers. It was their open-studio this weekend and so we went along to see a few people that Atsuko knew through her ever-widening field of work and to discover a few designers we had never come across before. It was a really nice atmosphere; mulled wine and mince-pies everywhere and we spent a happy few hours both here and over at Brick Lane where there was another, although slightly less-exciting Christmas Art Fair. We also dropped into Colette’s pop-up Cube store at the Boiler House of Trueman Brewery which was OK, a little more ‘installation’ than ‘shop’ but interesting none-the-less. It was mostly promoting the Nissan Cube, a car that pretty much covers Tokyo but you don’t see here much yet and had a few nice products from the standard Colette Collection. We decided to wait until Tokyo before we spend any money…! Only 3 weeks till we leave now. I can’t wait.

Just a few random pictures to show you today, it was a bright sunny day between spells of heavy rain which tends to bring out the colour in even the grey-est streets…







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