Trailwalkers Cotswold Way

Well as I mentioned, on Friday I went back to the Cotswolds to meet with the rest of my Trailwalkers team to attempt a night-walk of around 25 miles. If you haven’t already heard, we are in training to walk 100km in under 24 hours, this coming summer, for the Oxfam’s climate change charity. Please check out the link here for more information about this event.

In preparation for this massive challenge, we are trying very hard to get prepared, both physically and mentally, and this was our most demanding walk to date. Don’t be fooled by the fresh-looking faces of optimism and happiness; just 10 minutes after we left the carpark, we were drowned by a hailstorm that lasted hours and hours. As we walked through the night, wet and cold, we started to realise just how tough 100km was going to be.

Map-reading, darkness and extreme tiredness don’t really go together, though having said that, Nick ensured that we took not even one step in the wrong direction. We did a couple of sections of the Cotswold Way, up and down some properly-steep hills, through super-thick mud. The weather and darkness made this quite an exhausting walk but it was a great test of our kit and our own physical condition. We got back to Dursley around 1.30am having learned a huge amount. Mostly that we need to train more. A lot more. And we need to walk even faster to meet our 24 hour target.

As a team, we are trying to raise 2000 pounds for Oxfam and though we haven’t started fund-raising in earnest yet, if you would like to help us get the ball rolling please donate here. Any donation is really appreciated.

cotswold 1

cotswold 2

cotswold 3

cotswold 5


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