Rothley Court

I had to spend a night up at our Leicestershire office to review some things being made in our workshops. Thankfully, the super-cheap boring hotel was fully booked and I had to book a night in Rothley Court, the beautiful old hotel in the local village near our office. It reminded me exactly of that hotel in Hot-Fuzz, creaky, creepy and totally empty, it was quite an experience. For dinner I treated myself and went to the local fish and chip shop (which I am sure must be the best in england) and waited in a queue down the street to place my order. I ate happily on a bench outside, then went back to kill time in the hotel bar. Sadly, once the old couple’s conversation dried up and they retired to bed, the bar ‘atmosphere’ took a turn for the worse so I too decided to go bed.

The room was comfortable, if a little scary, and the view of sunrise when I woke in the morning was totally beautiful.

rothely court 1

rothely court 2

rothely court 3

rothely court 4

rothely court 5

rothely court 6


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