Awake Early

I left home at 5am this morning to walk into the office. The 7.5 mile walk took me through Dulwich, Camberwell, Elephant and Castle, to London Bridge and through Borough Market. I arrived down by the river at 6.20 as the sun was just beginning to peek up over the buildings; the river was quickly gliding by, only birds and the occasional jogger’s padding feet disturbed the peace. It was such a nice walk, I left the house completely full of sleep but arrived in Clerkenwell energised and actually wishing I could continue much further. In total I was walking just less than 2 hours and considering I stopped to by a train ticket, get cash and take a few photos, I think that I can be quite proud of myself today.

st pauls

millenium bridge

Of course this forms part of my training for the 100km walk in July, please sponsor us if you can as we have yet to even dent our team-target of 2000 pounds.  The 24hour 100km walk is for Oxfam’s climate change charity which means that your money would instantly go to help emergency relief efforts after floods in India, hurricanes in Haiti or drought in Kenya.  Any donations of any amount VERY welcome, please click HERE to view our Just Giving team page…


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