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Lost Letters

I walked to the office again this morning, 7.5 miles in just an hour and forty minutes. I thought that was pretty good going as that includes a stop to buy bacon and egg sandwiches near Smithfield Meat Market. Actually, in the cafe where I bought breakfast, there was an old-ish guy, a local cockney market worker whom I see every now and again ‘entertaining’ everyone. This morning he really made me smile; he advised me to re-negotiate a salary where I get paid ‘a penny a week’ in the first week that is then doubled every week. He said that if I could get my boss to sign a contract agreeing to this, I would be a millionaire before the end of the year…! It sounds ridiculous, but you think about it…

Those mouthy market workers (and many taxi drivers too) really brighten up London on even the greyest of days.

Just a few pictures this morning. A building in Camberwell with graduation of red / orange cladding and attached to that same building, some of Britain’s finest craftsmanship (!). Also, a pavement sign that once directed people to Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market. Amazing that most of the words are still just able legible, but only if you already know the neighbourhood well…!

camberwell 1

camberwell 2

southwark pavement


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