Rules of the Adult World…

Apparently, I learned yesterday that in ‘the adult world’ you are not allowed to complain about feeling terrible if it is the result of you drinking a little too much white wine… Fair enough, and I did my best, we both did. The Clarson hospitality was all a bit too much to resist, it was such a fun night but we both suffered a little bit the next day. We woke in the hotel and made our way home, where Atsuko made some of her amazing, healing food. We had omelette, salad and crackers with Atsuko’s magic oven-dried tomatoes. She slow-bakes them in the oven for hours and hours and then bottles them with olive-oil and fresh chilli; I love them so much and after a day of great home-cooked food, I was soon feeling right-as-rain again….

tomatoes 1

tomatoes 2


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