30k London Walk

Yesterday we were out as a team again to train for our 100k. We walked 3 sections of the Capital Ring which took us through Stockwell, Clapham Common, Wandsworth Common, Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park and out towards the outskirts of west London. It was a lovely day weather-wise for a change (we usually end up walking in storm conditions) and we were able to keep a good pace. 30k in 5 hours, excluding a stop for lunch in Richmond Park and a pint of cider! It was shocking to me that you can see so many wild deer so central and it does rather support Atsuko’s theory that London is more countryside-village than city…

richmond park 1

richmond park 2

Again, we will be walking a massive 100km in 24 hours to raise 2000 pounds for Oxfam’s climate change charity and each of us needs to reach 500 pounds of this to achieve our target. Please check out the link here for more information about this amazing event. Please support us by clicking the link here. Only 11 weeks left until the event so all donations welcome…!


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