40k Aches

It wasn’t a full team walk this time, only 2 of us were available yesterday. Nick and I caught the early train out to Flitwick and walked through Amptill, Woburn, Eversholt and Toddington and back to Flitwick. It rained steadily all day, and considering we are now in the month of May, it was freezing cold. I haven’t mapped the walk yet but we think we did around 25 miles and surprisingly it was very tough, we definitely pushed our limits yesterday which, I suppose is a good thing. By the end, my legs and feet were hurting quite a lot and so at the moment, the thought of walking 62 miles makes me more than a little nervous.

We got back to London, cold and wet but fairly pleased with our day. Not only had we seen countless deer, but our walk through Woburn took us past black-bears and lions as well…!

If you want to sponsor our ongoing, and increasingly demanding, efforts for charity, please go to our just-giving page here

woburn walk 1

woburn walk 2

woburn walk 3


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