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Underground Overground

Well I rode the new Overground into Forest Hill on my way back from the airport, what a treat. It connects our house with a new part of the city which is sort of good, can’t say how useful it will be yet but good to have another option through the endless engineering works. A few things made me smile, first was the over-whelming number of trainspotters on the new line. All in the train-spotter uniform, shown here, beige coat and trousers, brown sandles and socks and an excited nervousness, eyes everywhere, pencil furiously writing down numbers in reporter style notepad…! Second, this VW advert which takes a while to get the hang of but is pretty good when you do.

Have so much more to upload since I just got back from Tuscany and also, we were at a concert last night, stay tuned….

overground 1

overground 2


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