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Footwear Plus 2.0

I spent the remaining 24 hours in Forte dei Marmi, in meetings with the client about the many various other projects I am working on for them and nipping back and forth to and from the job-site to check on progress. Progress there was not. The site was a disgrace really, full of people, tools and junk. People smoking and sitting around, no-one with any sense of urgency which was surprising considering that this should have been completed before I even arrived.

Anywhere else this lack of progress would have been stressful but not in the sunshine of Tuscany. I borrowed a bicycle for the final few hours early on Wednesday morning to check on-site one final time before heading back to Pisa airport. I am not even sure they are finish now, as I write this on Saturday! The shop will look lovely when it is eventually finished and I think it really will be something to be proud of. It is a beautiful location on the main street near the beach, right next to the entrance of an old open-air cinema.

FDM timberland 1

FDM timberland 2

FDM timberland 4


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