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Forte dei Marmi

I got off the train reasonably close to my destination. I had opted out of paying over the odds for a taxi, taking the more adventurous option of train and (what I though should have been) a short walk. I am glad I did as it forced me to test out my (non-existent) Italian language skills as I asked directions to the next town. I finally arrived on foot in Forte dei Marmi around lunchtime, pretty pleased with myself and headed straight to our job site, more about that later.

Forte dei Marmi is a beautiful coastal town, heavily reliant on high-end tourism and home to many the rich and famous. Andea Bocelli lives in the town, and Giorgio Armani has a villa here too. As the name (translated as Fort of Marble) suggests, Forte dei Marmi is a town built on, and from, marble. Even the kerb-stones are Carrara! So right away it was clear that this is a town with money. My favourite thing about this part of Tuscany though was that Jasmine grows everywhere meaning that the smell was amazing.






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