99 with a Flake

We were told by our weather-men yesterday would be the only nice day of the weekend so we decided to make Saturday our day outdoors. As it happens, today’s promised thunder-storms haven’t shown themselves and it’s another day of beautiful sunshine and yet another reason to stop trusting our weather forecasters…

Yesterday we took our picnic blanket and homemade Japanese lunch to Richmond Park. We forgot the frisbee but even that couldn’t spoil our day. We saw deer up close and walked deep into the massive park; I fell asleep for a while but was woken by an excitable Atsuko who wanted to go get ice-cream, I wasn’t complaining, I love ice-cream too…! Londoners are so lucky to have so much green space so central to the city.

Oh, and we saw a monkey; lost and all alone but content to wait until somebody returned to pick him up….

deer park 1

deer park 2

deer park 3

deer park 4

deer park 5

deer park 6

deer park 7

deer park 8

On our way home Atsuko amused herself by dressing me up in her hat and shades….

deer park 9


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