Art / Design, England


This morning I went to the Saatchi gallery to see British Art Now and before I even got inside I was grinning. This child holding balloons high in the entrance portico is a brilliantly amusing artwork by littlewhitehead. Now, I am no art critic and have little interest in the intellectual depth behind most artworks and this is a great example of why I feel that way. Sentient Orbs is actually described in the gallery notes as being about “…sinister desires…” and “…transferring the delights of pleasure and kindness to suggestions of greed and malice…”

Inside, a lot of the artworks didn’t even stop me walking as I went through the exhibition at a reasonable speed. Some however, stopped me and left me excited and happy, oh and one thing I always love about the Saatchi Gallery is that they allow you to take photos…!

saatchi gallery 1

One of the most impressive was by John Wynne, an installation for 300 speakers, a pianola and a vacuum cleaner. The non-repeating, gentle abstract sounds were as absorbing as the incredible collection of discarded speakers…

saatchi gallery 2

saatchi gallery 3

saatchi gallery 4

saatchi gallery 5

saatchi gallery 9

saatchi gallery 110


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