Aojiru 青汁

We received a lovely little package from Japan today, well it came last week while we were out, but I wandered to pick it up this morning from the post office depot. This is aojiru, translated literally as green (青) juice (汁), it’s made from the leaves of vegetables, most commonly kale I think. Aojiru has a famously bad taste but is famously good for you, curing all kinds of things from hay-fever to pneumonia. You’ll be glad to know, neither of us has pneumonia, but we are both sneezing a lot and have itchy eyes lately, hopefully this will help.

We have been sent a type that has soya milk powder mixed in to make the final taste slightly easier to drink. It’ll be a while until I graduate to the bitter adult-version but I am confident that it is good for my health so I am really grateful to receive it. Atsuko loves it of course. We have to drink this every day now…

aojiru 1

aojiru 2


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