From the memorial we walked across Hyde Park, past the lake to the Serpentine Gallery where this year’s pavilion opened today. This year by Jean Nouvel. He barely qualifies since, despite not yet to complete a building in this country, he will have a shopping centre open by the St Paul’s cathedral later this year.

His structure was quite interesting, not a particularly calming colour for a hot day like today but there were many many people eating and drinking in the red-ness of the cafe. Compared to last year’s offer from SANAA, the architect’s own personality (ego) shines through much stronger, impacting on the park rather more strongly and I have to say I prefer the Japanese design better. There is something quite nice about contrasting red and green although the work they were having to do to try to keep the grass alive seemed a little bit pointless. Hyde Park is currently dusty and brown rather than lush green. A small point that rather diluted the final strength of Nouvel’s idea.

serpentine 1

serpentine 2

serpentine 3

serpentine 4

serpentine 5

serpentine 6

serpentine 7


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