It was a lovely day yesterday. Dad drove a van down to London to drop off a large sample to one of his customers and brought with him Uncle Albert and Rodney. No wait. I mean Lyn and Ruth…! (ha-ha… sorry couldn’t resist.)

After coffee at home, we went into London Bridge and Dad kindly treated us all to a lovely meal at Roast, the ‘fancy’ restaurant high up in the middle of Borough Market; overlooking the stalls and crowds of people. We all had different dishes but I had a really good scotch egg to start and roast lamb as main; Atsuko loved both her squid starter and fresh mackerel salad. I think she misses fresh fish but yes, you can get it in England.

Walking through the market, we saw some really tasty looking seafood curries made fresh on the fish-stall and next time maybe we will probably give one of those a try. We usually go for chorizo and rocket sandwiches so have never tried the curries but that’s going to have to change. I can’t wait to get back there soon…

While the girls went shopping in Oxford St, dad and I took the boat to the Tate Britain and I got to see the Harrier installation again which I really enjoyed and think dad did too, it also gave us chance to talk which was nice. We were back in the pub by 6, having a well deserved pint of cold beer. An exhausting but fun day. : )

roast 1

roast 2

roast 3

borough seafood curry 1

borough seafood curry 2


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