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South London Gallery 6A Architects

We can actually walk to the South London Gallery from our house. It’s not that close but walking past Peckham Rye Park, through Peckham High Street and towards Camberwell takes only an hour; not bad to do when the weather is as good as it is right now. We had both wanted to see this gallery but sadly Atsuko had to work yesterday so I went alone, we will go back together no doubt.

6A Architects have done a wonderful job of renovating and adding to this old gallery building. You walk in and out, between old and new without really noticing. No doubt a ‘listed building’, the facade and all interior architectural details have been kept and restored. The beautiful tiled floors in the entrance look original and against crisp white walls have found brand new contemporary life.

I really enjoyed the variety of spaces and routes through the building; maze-like in configuration with gardens amongst gallery and cafe areas, its a lovely building to explore on a summer’s day.

south london gallery 1

south london gallery 2

south london gallery 3

south london gallery 4

south london gallery 5

south london gallery 6

south london gallery 7

south london gallery 8


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