It was about time we both got out of the city for the day and so we took the train to the south coast to find a decent breath of fresh sea-air and forget the pressures we have both been under lately. We both follow a huge amount of blogs / websites and journals and one of my friends highlighted some excellent exhibitions at Bexhill-on-Sea’s De La Warr Pavilion recently (thanks Erin) and we couldn’t resist a look. More about that later.

Amazingly, Atsuko had never ever in her life seen a pebbly beach and Bexhill is very pebbly. I have never been a lover of sandy beaches and much prefer the sound, feel and ‘tidiness’ of a beach made of stones and shells.

We had a brilliant time, wandering up and down the miles of beautiful clean beach. We paddled in the sea; saw crabs in the rock-pools (Atsuko had never seen muscles living on the rocks either); we had fish and chips for lunch and, after the gallery and more walking, soon became thoroughly exhausted but totally refreshed…

bexhill-on-sea 1

bexhill-on-sea 2

bexhill-on-sea 3

bexhill-on-sea 4

bexhill-on-sea 5

bexhill-on-sea 6

bexhill-on-sea 7


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