{Once we have managed to get the photos from the garden party at mum’s we will post a little news here I expect, needless to say we had a wonderful weekend and a great party. Lovely to see everyone, thank-you all for coming…]

With Monday also a holiday, and proper directions back to London, we had a little time spare so went across to Gloucester Cathedral; something we have been meaning to do for quite some time. It was excellent timing as a new art exhibition has been almost completely installed and despite it not opening until next Wednesday, we were able to see most of the works in place already. More of the artworks later.

It was a beautiful day and the cathedral was amazing. Atsuko seemed impressed by the scale of the architecture and since there was an organ recital while we were there, impressed at the way religion in Europe is expressed in almost opposite ways to those in Japan. While Japan’s temple designs and religious ‘song’ is quiet and understated, almost disappearing naturally into the surrounding forests, European churches and cathedrals are central to the whole town / cities’ design and express the power of God loudly and with overt elaboration.

Neither wrong of course, but interesting for Atsuko and I to think about the differences of our cultural backgrounds (and at the same time remark that we have so much about our personalities in common).

cathedral 1

cathedral 2

cathedral 7

cathedral 8


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