Yesterday we went to Twickenham to watch the opening day of the Rugby Premiership season start with a 2 game event at the national stadium. It was such a great day, an almost packed stadium and we were so glad Nick and Liz invited us along. We very happily watched London Irish beat Saracens and then left just before a dramatic end to Wasps against Harlequins that finished all square 29-29.

Atsuko really enjoyed her first experience of rugby and I enjoyed time with old friends. Next time I would definitely get Ref Link which is a little radio that allows you to hear what the referee is saying. As he ran past one injured Irish player, his question “You got cramp Old Man?” would have been worth the 5 pounds alone…! We had a great view though its always difficult shooting with such a small camera, glad to catch Nick on his way back to his seat with a tray of Guinness, momentarily stationary, totally absorbed in the action, hope he doesn’t mind me putting this here… : )

twickenham 1

twickenham 2

twickenham 3

twickenham 4

twickenham 5a

twickenham 6


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