E1 Princelet Street

Atsuko had a haircut today but afterwards we met at Spitalfields Market to have a brief look at the Japan Matsuri event. It seemed pretty good (food, music, dancing…) but we didn’t stay long. I watched a (non-Japanese) man demonstrating on stage how to penetrate samurai armour with a spear and I wondered, is this truly a good way to promote Japanese culture?

We quickly left the festival and walked the area. Without really knowing the history of the area, we wandered down Princelet Street and I took several photographs of the stunning Georgian houses and their dilapidated appearance. Peeling paint and rippling glass, they are totally beautiful but in need of a little love and attention. Those that have been restored are looking marvelous, we both dreamed of a place like this, a quiet street smack in central London.

Apparently a place that has seen it’s share of immigrants since 1700, number 19 Princelet St has been silk-weaving and gilding workshops, classrooms and even a Jewish synagogue (which still remains). I will be always looking for the first open-house event when we might be able to take a look inside this place one day….

princelet st 1

princelet st 2

princelet st 3

princelet st 4

princelet st 5

princelet st 6


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