Mexico City Templo Mayor

This Aztec ruin once formed the absolute centre of Tenochtitlan, which is now Mexico City. It was built in a time when Mexico city was in the centre of a lake and a complex network of canals (I imagine much like Ankor Wat in Cambodia) around 1325 but rebuilt 6 times after that. Completely surrounding Mexico City were, and are, mountains and volcanoes, forming a bowl-like shape. Because of all the water, and because of volcanic activity, Mexico City buildings are often tipped and sunken into the ground. This pyramid was destroyed by the Spanish and buried over time. Since 1978, archeologists have gradually been uncovering and discovering artifacts from the time, most on display in a museum at the site we saw.

Walking through the layers of ruined temple was amazing. To think of all the gruesome sacrificial ceremonies and offerings that went on here was quite eerie. The temple was built in a location chosen by it’s spiritual significance and while I have felt these kind of places before, in Japan, this was an altogether different kind of power.

Although to visit somewhere and not fully appreciate the things we saw was a little sad, I was so pleased we were able to find time to pack in as much of the culture as we did, what a privilege….

Mexico Aztec 1

Mexico Aztec 2

Mexico Aztec 3

Mexico Aztec 4

Mexico Aztec 5

Mexico Aztec 6

Mexico Aztec 7


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