Mexico Divided

I arrived home yesterday afternoon pretty tired but glad to be back. It was a very interesting trip, both for the work and for the things we saw as we traveled from place to place. I have been going through all the pictures this morning quite amazed that we managed to absorb so much considering we had so many meetings and shopping-mall visits.

I don’t think I had many expectations about the city before I went but when I got there, there were still surprises. Contrasts between rich and poor were huge and clearly visible most places we went and that reminded me more of Malaysia than anywhere else. Shoe-shiners’ chairs stood in front of the HSBC headquarters near our hotel and on street corners everywhere. Maybe more of a shock to me were the men (and women) selling various cookies, sweets, newspapers and windscreen-wipers (!) between the cars of busy streets. At least the traffic jams benefit someone

Mexico Shoe Shine 1

Mexico Shoe Shine 3

Mexico Road Seller 1

Mexico Shoe Shine 4

Mexico Road Seller 2

Mexico Road Seller 3


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