Mexico Street Vendors

All around the cathedral were people selling souvenirs, food, books and magazines. There were one or two more surprising things though; free medical advice and one lady giving free blood-pressure tests. All of these pictures were taken on our final day, Friday, when we were feeling slightly more relaxed about the city. This is the only picture I have of any policeman though they were everywhere; police, security guards and bodyguards were literally all over the place, heavily armed with pistols and machine guns which was more than a little intimidating.

Having got myself in trouble with a group of armed security in a shopping mall for taking pictures of shops one day (almost to the point of losing my camera), we decided it probably best to not photograph anyone with a gun. Shame really as the police cars were amazing; all Dodge Chargers.

The photograph I took of the Taco stand confirmed though that Mexico is probably much more friendly than it seems at first. I was also interviewed (videoed and photographed) by a group of school girls and their teacher for an English project which was funny.

Mexico Street Stall 1

Mexico Street Stall 2

Mexico Street Stall 4

Mexico Street Stall 3

Mexico Street Stall 5

Mexico Street Stall 6


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