Borough Market

Our only real plan this weekend was to get up early and beat the crowds to Borough Market. We didn’t have anything we desperately wanted to buy even, but we did want to have a nice coffee at Rabot Estate. When we got there though, the coffee shop was shut, which was news not well received by some of us…! (see photographic evidence)

We walked from stall to stall which was amazing with no crowds and I started wondering a little about authenticity, which we discuss frequently at work. Compare 2 fish stalls; one a large, popular space in the centre of the market with crab, mackerel, shrimp, razor clam, tuna and more, all beautifully stacked in display; the other, on the edge of the market, a simple table with blue trays with a limited variety of product fresh from their own catch that morning. Somehow the stall with the simple sign “We are fishermen…” appealed much more to me than the other larger display, and if I was actually buying, I would definitely go back to that one. Is that just me…?

Borough coffee 1

Borough coffee 3

Borough coffee 4

Borough coffee 5

Borough coffee 6

Borough coffee 2


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