Japan, Travel


We spent a few nights in Oda, along the coast from Matsue, just the two of us in Atsuko’s grandma’s house; a beautiful timber-frame, tatami-floor building surrounded by rice fields. I really enjoyed how sunlight constantly changed the house. Movable shoji screens and the surrounding garden appeared different at each passing second and every moment brought with it new discovery.

A short walk through the fields and over a small hill, is a beautiful, empty (at this time of year) beach. There is nothing quite as calming to me as the sound of the ocean but at the same time, throwing off your shoes to walk along the sand is so exciting…

Until this moment, for many years, I thought that the birds flying overhead in Japan were eagles but actually tobi are ‘black kites’. Regardless, they are amazing birds and I have been long trying to get the perfect photograph of them, maybe I need a better lens. They do come quite close at times though they are very fast.

Oda Beach 1

Oda Beach 2

Oda Beach 3

Oda Beach 4

Oda Beach 5

Oda Beach 6

Oda Beach 7


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