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An hour bus-ride from Oda took us to an area known as Omori, home of the Iwami Ginzan silver mine. On arrival we picked up an audio guide each that would lead us on a long walk into the mountain, all the while explaining the mine-shafts shrines and houses that we came across. There are over 600 digging sites in this mountain dating back to the time of it’s discovery in 1526. We passed only a handful of people in the few hours we were walking.

As we walked towards the main mine opening, we passed many shrines and temples including this one, Seisui-ji, which wasn’t one of the grandest temples we saw but the family-crest-painted ceiling inside really caught my eye. The Buddha figurines were also fascinating.

Iwami Ginzan Shrine A 1

Iwami Ginzan Shrine A 2

Iwami Ginzan Shrine A 3

Iwami Ginzan Shrine A 4

Iwami Ginzan Shrine A 5


4 thoughts on “石見銀山

  1. Hi Guy, we’ve been speaking with Atsuko’s mum and together we have some answers for you and I am going to address them all in a separate post soon. Thank-you so much for the question though, one of the lovely things about writing this journal is that it forces us to learn more about the things we see.

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