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The final shrine we saw in Iwami Ginzan area was perhaps one of our favourites. Kigami Jinja has a beautiful dragon painted on a ceiling, central to another grid of family crests. Standing direct beneath the dragon on one tiny patch of heavily worn timber floor, we were invited to clap our hands. On doing so, the echoes that rang around the room, perfectly between floor and ceiling were said to be the roar of the dragon and this type of painting is called Naki-Ryu (lit. Whining Dragon). We have come across it before but this was the first time we were in a room just the two of us, away from crowds, so the effect was infinately more impressive.

The reason for the unusual sound is because the ceiling has been made as a slightly concave shape with the dragons head at the centre of the curve. If you ever hear this sounds made by one of the temple workers, with wooden-block clappers, the sounds is totally incredible.

Kigami 1

Kigami 2

Kigami 4

Kigami 5

Kigami 3

Kigami 6

Kigami 7


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