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愛 Ai

Meanwhile, back in England… I decided to walk to the Tate on my way home to see the Sunflower Seeds again, not sure why. When I got there things were as beautiful and moving I remembered, except that last time the barriers were close enough to the seeds to allow visitors to touch and play with the art, this time the seeds were out of reach and the edge was a crisp neat line. Met an old friend for a quick drink and went home happy.

ai wei wei evening 1

ai wei wei evening 2

ai wei wei evening 4

ai wei wei evening 3


2 thoughts on “愛 Ai

  1. Dad says:

    You previously said that Ai WeiWei would have taken some seeds himself. How does this attempt to contol and define the exhibit sit with his apparant relaxed attitude to involving the viewer.

  2. That is the ridiculous thing about this situation… This was designed as ‘interactive art’ free to walk on, yet British Health & Safety laws have left it surrounded by barriers and Do Not Touch signage. Its a shame, frankly. It still looks amazing but is, in many ways, quite sad.

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