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On our last morning in Oda, we walked down to to the beach after cleaning the house. This time we walked along the sand to a small fishing port and village at the other end and while we were there, two small boats came in, each with a single fisherman aboard. We couldn’t believe our eyes as we saw them (each between 85 and 90 years old) jump out to tie up their boats, they had far more energy than either of us! They spoke in dialect so strong even Atsuko had a hard time understanding what they said but they were obviously energetically comparing their catch. They had both caught 鰆 (Mackerel), one had caught a single fish, the other had caught six and the banter seemed quite good natured.

I think if we lived in an area like this we would fully take advantage all these kind of resources, imagine, you could eat fresh fish every day and rice from the fields. The other nice thing we saw were covered shelves outside people’s houses full of home-grown vegetables. All you needed to do was put 100 YEN in a pot and take whatever you wanted. Countryside / coastal living could suit us well I think, having swam in the sea the evening before, I was really beginning to love the Oda life but we had to leave so we began the long walk back to the station….

Oda Fishermen 1

Oda Fishermen 3

Oda Fishermen 10

Oda Fishermen 5

Oda Fishermen 6

Oda Fishermen 7

Oda Fishermen 8

Oda Fishermen 9


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