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Jozan Inari Jinja

Now back in Matsue, we were able to spend some real quality time with the family, playing with the children and eating some of the most amazing home-cooked Japanese food. Each evening Atsuko talked late into the night with her mum and sister, and judging from the amount of laughter, I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

While everyone was at school or work however, we did manage to explore a little, this time on foot. Our last visit to Inari Jinja was memorable enough for me to want to see the shrine one more time. The feeling of being watched at this shrine is strong, although I didn’t find it too threatening, in fact the feeling of being surrounded by foxes was quite comforting. This is a very important shrine to the local area and paying our respects here made me feel somehow closer to the city of Matsue.

Inari Jinja 1

Inari Jinja 2

Inari Jinja 3

Inari Jinja 5

Inari Jinja 4

Inari Jinja 6

Inari Jinja 7

Inari Jinja 8


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