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Tamazukuri Jinja

After another onsen trip, on the final day of our holiday, I took a short walk to the local shrine after coming out of the baths. I was fully warm and nicely relaxed so I didn’t spend long there but since the leaves were now starting to turn in earnest, it was a nice chance to soak in the autumn colours. This complex also had a small shrine with foxes gathered all around, it seems to be wherever you find a shrine surrounded in forest, you will find the fox. In a forest clearing behind the temple I found an open air sumo ring but with no-one around to ask about this, I am not sure who uses it or how often. I did love sumo while in Japan and try to follow the main news even now.

It was an extremely pretty temple and I paid respects here too, as it would be my final chance in this trip. I walked slowly back to meet Atsuko at the hotel, also fully refreshed, where we caught the bus back home together.

Tamazukuri Onsen 2

Tamazukuri Jinja 1

Tamazukuri Jinja 2

Tamazukuri Jinja 4

Tamazukuri Jinja 5

Tamazukuri Jinja 6

Tamazukuri Jinja 7

Tamazukuri Jinja 8

Tamazukuri Jinja 10


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