Art / Design, England

Saatchi Focus

The works of Henrijis Preiss were beautiful. Part historic artifact, part contemporary painting, this series of elaborate geometrical designs appeared to reference a combination of stage sets, board games, sports fields and ancient maps… The central focal point and apparent symmetry created an interesting link to the work on the opposite side of the room by Mustafa Hulusi.

‘Exstacy Almond Blossom 3 and 8’ were both oil paintings but not like you might imagine traditional oil paintings to be. The jarring difference between high impact and hard lines of one side, compared to the natural, almost photographic quality of the delicate blossom was totally fascinating.

Saatchi Henrijis Preiss 3

Saatchi Henrijis Preiss 1

Saatchi Henrijis Preiss 2

Saatchi Mustafa Hulusi 1

Saatchi Mustafa Hulusi 2

Saatchi Mustafa Hulusi 3


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