Art / Design, England

Saatchi Nendo

Nendo is an extremely well known studio from Meguro, Tokyo who tackle product, furniture and spatial design, so often in that beautifully minimal, purist way often associated with Japanese designers. As well as being stereotypically ‘Japanese’ in its simplicity, Nendo’s works are often also very ‘Japanese’ in their strength of conceptual thought.

Nendo was showing a collection of works on the top floor under the heading Thin Black Line which has connections to the origin of Kanji, the characters used in Japanese writing. Many of the core characters were developed from simple pictures and shapes as described by the diagram below. Nendo has gone through a similar process to arrive at these products and furniture pieces stripped of all but the absolutely necessary, yet all of them also maintain a balance and elegance that goes beyond only simplifying. Not unlike Japanese writing at all….

nendo thin line 7

nendo thin line 1

nendo thin line 2

nendo thin line 3

nendo thin line 4

nendo thin line 5

nendo thin line 6


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