Art / Design, England

Saatchi Newspeak

Spent our Saturday morning at the Saatchi Gallery to see the latest of the Contemporary British Art series, Newspeak. It was great to show Atsuko the Richard Wilson 20:50 installation that I had seen before because you simply can’t appreciate the full power of this until you see it for real…

With a guide book exactly matching the details of her new Trickers boots, Atsuko was happy to guide me through the works. One of the highlights of the ground floor was Swarm, a display case filled with miniature sculptures all constructed from insect parts and dried plant roots. It was, like peering into a case of badly behaved fairies; slightly disturbing but the detail was impressive.

Tessa Farmer Swarm 1

Tessa Farmer Swarm 2

Tessa Farmer Swarm 3

Tessa Farmer Swarm 4

Tessa Farmer Swarm 5

Saatchi Dan Perfect

Saatchi Toby Ziegler 1

Saatchi Toby Ziegler 3

Saatchi Toby Ziegler 2


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