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Go Live

I suppose the days of buying CD’s should be over, in fact I sold a great proportion of my CD collection recently. I got very little money for them but I did get space back in our flat, which is more valuable these days. Somehow when my favourite artists release material on limited edition or special box set packages, I fall for it eveytime. I’m usually I am more than happy but in all honesty, I am a little dissappointed this time around, not with the film or music, but there are no real ‘extras’, no bonus tracks or anything. I guess maybe I was spoiled in Japan; all Japanese editions had bonus material…

Hmmm, maybe I will stop buying CDs and just make sure I back-up better to protect myself from losing my favourite music. Oh, ha, I just remembered while saying this that I have music released on vinyl on its way in a couple of weeks, there’s another buying-habit / addiction I should cure myself from next year!

Travel around London remains a totally misery in the snow and ice but at least now I have this to listen to, it’ll be a warm Friday afterall…

Go Live Box CD


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