Art / Design, England

Student Protests

To make matters worse I then went into the Tate Modern, instead of hurrying home, to have just one more look at the Sunflower Seeds (sorry for the repetition)… Something felt different but I couldn’t put my finger on it, then I realised that people had been walking around on the seeds; there were footprints everywhere…

I spoke to a gallery worker who told me that during the excessively violent protests of the day before, huge numbers of students aggressively pushed through gallery staff to trample across the Sunflower Seeds. I am getting fed up of hearing about disrespectful things that these ‘students’ have been doing, though this certainly isn’t the worst. It was quite interesting though that the Tate had chosen to tidy the edges but leave the footprints…

student protest seeds 1

student protest seeds 2

student protest seeds 3

student protest seeds 4

student protest seeds 5

student protest seeds 6


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