Fox in the Snow

After seeing footprints in the snow circling our garden in London, we are convinced that we have a family of foxes actually living inside the large bush although we have yet to see them at all. While at mum’s though we had a good five minutes with this fox as he ate the bacon rind off the garden table that had been put out for the birds. He didn’t eat it all though, some he buried under the snow at various locations around the garden, which we didn’t even think foxes did. As Atsuko says, maybe he was raised by squirrels…!

I was able to get these photographs from the patio doors and I am extremely pleased with them.

cheltenham garden fox 1

cheltenham garden fox 2

cheltenham garden fox 3

cheltenham garden fox 4


2 thoughts on “Fox in the Snow

  1. thanks Unc. I was happy. These days I don’t have to adjust photos in photoshop hardly at all other than a little cropping, which is nice. just wondering if I need to take all my pics at super high res though, my little mac book is going to start suffering soon…!

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