Art / Design, England

Plain Space

It is gloomy in London today, and Atsuko has been working on her major report for the Japanese government, so I went out to visit the Design Museum. Plain Space, an exhibition of the works of John Pawson , is in its final few weeks so I wanted to catch it before it was too late.

The New York Times calls John Pawson “The father of modern architectural minimalism”. Plain Space contains the usual models and drawings but the things I enjoyed the most were the full size material samples laying before photographs of finished works on palettes, and the 1:1 installation central to the exhibition that gives you the chance to experience a Pawson interior for yourself.

Architecture at its purest is a play of light, material, scale and proportion; sitting in the Design Museum today gave me new motivation to think simple and concentrate only on the things that really matter.

john pawson plain space 1

john pawson plain space 2

john pawson plain space 3

john pawson plain space 4

john pawson plain space 5

john pawson plain space 6

john pawson plain space 7

john pawson plain space 8

john pawson plain space 9


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