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Anish Kapoor Hyde Park

We have posted in the past some of Anish Kapoor’s works, we saw his exhibition in the Royal Academy back in November 2009. (By the way, you can use the search function I have added, if you want to find any past post just search in the box of the right side of this page…) He currently has 4 works in the park, around Kensington Gardens and the Serpentine. The first we saw was this amazing, huge mirrored lens that reflects the sky from across the lake.

Again, I desperately wanted to get up close, but understandably they are all well fenced off and, more surprisingly, protected by the ‘Nice & Secure’ security team (yes that really is the company name). Grubby fingerprints would definitely shatter the perfect illusion these create. I am looking forward to returning to see these in a variety of different lights and weather conditions, I imagine their appearance will change quite dramatically through the weeks. While staring across the lake we were approached by a countless ducks and birds but I think they were only after bread, which we neglected to bring this time…

Anish Kapoor Hyde Park 1

Anish Kapoor Hyde Park 2

Anish Kapoor Hyde Park 3

Anish Kapoor Hyde Park 4

Anish Kapoor Hyde Park 5

Anish Kapoor Hyde Park 7

Anish Kapoor Hyde Park 6


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